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Helping Your Child Build Success

Here’s to Helping Your Child Build Success

I was a girl guide growing up and its was the best education. We strived to earn badges, all with a specific skill learned, which we then ironed onto a sash we wore. We chose from a task book which had many fun things to do and create with an accompanying badge or two we earned on completing it. Diving into this work with the supervision of my mother was one of my saving graces of childhood. I was being productive and learning skills I still use as an adult. It made me feel like I was moving forward and gaining ground. Here are some steps you can take to help your child feel similarily useful.

What are you children’s interests? Make a list with them. Then pick at least three areas where they can create a project. Ideally, it will be a self-directed project with guidance from you so that you don’t feel its something else to do because you’re busy enough! Arrange a way to work on this new project every week by setting at least one hour in the calendar at the same time every week. Perhaps a friend could join in the project if the new endeavour involves attending a class where you can carpool. Or just for the fun of it!

Help Your Child Build Success Tutor Doctor

Youtube has a lot of great how-to videos. Your child may feel discouraged at first and not know where to start. Map out the first ten steps together. It may look something like this.

1. Do research. Go on Pinterest, Youtube and the internet to find others who are doing the same thing or something similar.

2. Watch five to ten videos.

3. Make a list of supplies needed.

4. Make a list of where to get these items.

5. Begin to get all of the items on the list.

6. Assemble the items together.

7. Watch the most useful youtube videos again.

8. Make a list of what needs to be done in the right order.

9. Begin by taking the first step in this new project.

10. Follow all the steps to completion. (This is extremely important! Kids need to learn how to finish things.)

Feel satisfaction and show everyone your great work!

** You could take your own videos to show your own learning. Or make one at the end and talk about how you did it.

Helping your child build success can be as easy as printing out this blog and giving it your child. Ask them to create the list of ten things, or three things they intend on doing. Then you can watch in amazement as your child create’s their own success!


Every Child Can Learn

Every Child Can Learn. Every student has the potential to succeed academically, but many just don’t learn in the way that teachers traditionally present information. When grades drop, your child’s confidence is affected. They feel like they just aren’t good enough and this permeates all aspects of their lives. At Tutor Doctor, we know that every student can learn. We work with parents, teachers and students to find the ways in which each student learns. Our tutors present information to suit your child’s learning style and needs and then you get to see them bloom. As their confidence grows, so does their abilities. Be prepared to be wowed by just how capable your child is!

Shot of a mother and daughter using a laptop together

Shot of a mother and daughter using a laptop together

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If a child struggles in a classroom environment, Tutor Doctor of Richmond & Delta can help.

Tutor Doctor Video – Meet Liam Walker

Meet Liam Walker. Liam is in tenth grade, finding his courses harder than previous years… now he’s worried that he won’t be able to get into the school of his choice. His parents know he’s smart and capable, and his teachers feel he has promise, but Liam isn’t achieving his full potential. See how Tutor Doctor helps Liam achieve his goals using their unique Academic Success Formula. Contact Tutor Doctor of Richmond & Delta to see how we can help you!

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