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Our son has been struggling in many subject areas, especially reading, so we decided to give tutoring a try to see if we could get him the extra help he needed. He is now reading at grade level and recently won an award for “most improved reader” in his class. He could not have achieved this without the extra help and support that was provided by Tutor Doctor or the wonderful and caring tutor provided for our son.

Before our son was struggling so much in school that he did not want to go into the classroom each morning. His confidence has now been restored and he now willingly enters the classroom on a daily basis. He now reads labels and signs and books without prompting, whereas before, he refused to even try. It has turned my son’s life around and eased the stress and anxiety that both we and our son were facing.

I highly recommend Tutor Doctor.”

Tracey and Jay

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy we have been with the tutors we have received from Tutor Doctor.

We have used other tutoring services in the past and have never been as pleased as we are with the results that we have gotten from Tutor Doctor. Your ability to match tutors to my children has been amazing. The educational background of both that we have had far exceeded my expectations and they have a fun and natural style that engages my children in their learning.

I love that they can learn in the comfort of our own home at a cost that was less than our previous tutoring organization. Thanks again for helping my children to grow with their education.

I wish you continued success and thanks again for “making house calls” because it makes a difference.”


I am writing you this letter to thank you for pairing our daughter up with an exceptional tutor. Our daughter’s tutor is very knowledgeable with languages and in the math/sciences area, and has helped our daughter in her bilingual courses. We have seen an incredible improvement in our daughter’s confidence, organizational skills, and most importantly her academic success. The interview and needs assessment that you did with our daughter was a great way to determine the areas that she would need assistance in.

We are very pleased with our daughter’s success and would highly recommend Tutor Doctor to assist students with their out of school learning.”

Silvia and Scott

Finding the perfect tutor for my son was not an easy task. Tutor doctor made it easy. They came into our home for an assessment of my son’s needs and were able to match us with a tutor that fit our needs perfectly.

Laura has been a fantastic addition to my son’s education. She has helped him grasp the necessary math skills he was lacking which has improved his confidence. This new found confidence has helped him achieve better grades in all subjects and a better outlook towards school.

We are very pleased with Tutor Doctor and highly recommend them!”


The tutors are very pleasant for my 12 year old son to work with. (We have had two different tutors). If they weren’t, he would not continue to work with them. My son’s first criteria was that the tutor comes to our house as he goes out all day to school, soccer practice, and other lessons and training. He likes that they are interested in him, talk to him about his life as well as his schooling issues, and that they are genuinely nice people. They share about their lives too which he appreciates.

As the parent, I like that they have been very flexible with the schedule to accommodate our busy lives with work, school, my son’s soccer, and even our vacations. The payment arrangement was convenient and we liked the discount we received for purchasing more sessions at the beginning. It has been rewarding in results too. My recently received a mark that is a full letter grade higher in Language Arts, the subject of concern. Thank you Tutor Doctor!

Lisa T, Parent of Ben, Richmond, BC.

Tutor comes to our home, children are relaxed as there is no travel time to and from. Tutor is one on one as opposed to a group situation. With Tutor doctor, my children work on what they need to not what others may need. I would 100% recommend Tutor Doctor’s staff. Tutors can relate to the need of my children, and I don’t have to leave work or rush around to get them to their lesson time.

Kathy A, Parent of Dylan & Taryn, North Delta, BC.

I like everything that Tutordoctor has to offer my daughter. Any questions I need are answered right away. The time they spend with your child it is not rushed and after the tutor leaves its great to see the smile on my child s face, and them saying wow I got it!

Leona S, Parent of Amber, Ladner, BC.

We appreciate the fact that if one tutor does not work for us Tutor Doctor will try to find someone who does. We are also exceptionally happy with our Tutor Doctor representative, Pete Seward. He is very accommodating and easy to deal with.

Peggy W, Parent of Max & Willem, Tsawwassen, BC.

Friendly, helpful, comparable cost to other services, I like the email updates as well.

Karen M, Parent of Cody, Tsawwassen, BC.

I really appreciate the flexibility that the tutor offers. If our son has an exam scheduled the tutor has always made arrangements to provide extra tutoring. The tutor is very committed to achieving good results.

Cindy R, Parent of Luke, Richmond, BC.

I love everything about Tutordoctor. It’s nice having someone come to your own home, and the tutor I have for my daughter is the PERFECT fit, you’ve made a wonderful match. Gabby is very very happy with her tutor, and very confident after each session and in school. We are very happy, I highly recommend it.

Mimi M, Parent of Gabby, Richmond, BC.

Willing to look at the learning needs of my child and also who he is as a person and match up with an appropriate tutor. Try to work around my son’s extracuricular needs – very flexible. Great results!

Linda Y, Parent of Sean, Tsawwassen, BC.

I don’t have to spend anytime finding a tutor – I call and explain what type of services I need and a tutor is provided. If the tutor leaves due to pregnancy or leaves the company, I don’t have to find another tutor – this is an excellent service and the tutors have been a perfect match for our children.

Yvette B, Parents of Keegan & Melissa, Richmond, BC.

I really like the direct communication with our Education Consultant, Peter Seward. If we have any questions or concerns, they are always addressed immediately. I also like the emphasis on the importance of matching a tutor with the student, regarding personality compatibility between the two. It is important each individual feels comfortable with the other. My daughter likes the tutor she has and therefore she is able to relax, feel at ease and then be able to absorb the material being taught.

Melanie V, Parent of Fiona, Tsawwassen, BC

Tutor Doctor is very easy to work with. My high school daughter’s grades improved after just a couple of sessions, and she is very pleased with her tutor’s commitment levels and qualifications.

Charmaine F, Parent of Danielle, North Delta, BC

Tutor Doctor provides a great service to the students it helps. The tutors are competent, reliable and able to accommodate the needs of their students. We appreciate their scheduling flexibility that accommodates for the boys’ busy school schedule and after school sports. We are proud to say that the high grades our boys have earned in math and algebra are a direct result of the tutoring they receive from the Tutor Doctor tutors.

Marena L, Parents of Spero & Stellio, North Delta, BC

Tutordoctor’s ability to accommodate an extraordinary tutoring request.

Deborah P – Health Care Benefit Trust, Richmond, BC.

Great ” match up ” tutor / student. Tutor cared about my child learning progress and we are very satisfied with the service we received.

Reesa F, Parent of Aleeah, Ladner, BC.

I like that the tutors are available to come to your home at convenient times. There is always a quick response when a request is made for a tutor.

Rhonda W, Parent of Jessica, Melissa & Mitchell, Ladner BC.

We met with Peter Seward prior to starting with Tutordoctor. He assessed my child and found a tutor that would “best fit” my child as well as our family. My child has picked up where school fell short.

Sandra W, Parent of Jewel, North Delta, BC.

Very responsive. Service as advertised and promised. professional and easy to deal with. High quality of tutoring

Rod B, Parent of Liam, Ladner BC.

Prompt, efficient, cheerful. I like the effort to make a good fit between tutor and student. Our tutor is top-notch!

Dana R, Parents of Charlie & Chris, Richmond, BC.

Very professional service by both the organizers and tutor. A hand picked tutor for the personality of the child. Has worked well for us. Tutor has helped us to identify areas where our child learns better. Our child places more importance on his work

Tammy H, Parent of Jamie, North Delta, BC

I love that the Tutors are matched with my children. That I receive an email report for every tutor session we have. The tutor takes initiative in trying to help my child with his problems.

Frances B, Parent of Wesley & Jarius, Ladner, BC.

I like that they match the tutor with the student and I love receiving the tutor doctor report as it also assists the school teacher.

Susan T, Parent of Alyssa, Surrey, BC

Our daughter’s love of school has improved and she looks forward to her tutor sessions.

Joanna N, Parent of Katelyn, Richmond, BC.

The tutor my daughter had last year always was able to accommodate my daughters needs for extra help and worked well explaining questions and how to figure out problems. Thank-you

Lynn P, Parent of Makailey, South Surrey, BC

The tutor comes to our home, she is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with, and we love getting the session reports to map our child’s progress.

Christine J, Parent of Carver, Ladner BC.

Matching my son with a tutor he enjoys learning from and the policy of coming to our home.

Kara S, Parent of Luc, Tsawwassen BC.

I was thrilled that the instructor came here to my home. Service was excellent and tailored to my situation. Very responsive to any request and flexibility in scheduling.

Patty E, Adult student, Steveston, BC

Flexibility. At home tutoring. Easy to change tutor if not suitable.

Wendy M, Parent of Emma, Tsawwassen, BC.

Friendly, efficient staff, I especially like the reports the tutor submit and I get a copy of, I find it helpful and informative, our tutor was fantastic.

Leanne B, Parent of Blake, Tsawwassen, BC

Just wanted to send an extra note your way. We would really like to acknowledge our tutor Jill. She has been more than we could have wished for! She is extremely good at her job, she is kind and patient and has found a connection with Nicholas that goes beyond better grades. she has become someone that he looks forward to seeing. Someone with whom he shares his good and bad moments from school. He looks up to her and her sound advise helps him to tackle some of these issues. Not only is Jillian teaching him academically, but she is also teaching him socially. She is an all round great influence. We are very grateful for her and your wisdom in placing her with us. Thanks Tutordoctor.

Betty N, Parent Nicholas, North Delta, BC.

The time taken to find the right tutor for me. They work around my schedule to help.

Ilyes B, Adult Student, Richmond, BC.

I loved everything about Tutordoctor. Easy to sign up, feedback after each session etc.

Ellen B, Parent of Heather, Ladner, BC.

When we were first starting out with getting a tutor for our daughter, there was a lot of thought that went into making sure that the fit with personalities and needs between the tutor and our daughter would work. The time paid off because Natalie is very patient and calm with our daughter and she has helped her tremendously!! It is convenient that the tutor comes to our house as well.

Shelley P, Parent of Amber, Richmond, BC.

Tutor Doctor listens to the needs of the student and takes into account the family schedule. The tutors have been terrific, flexible, and with the appropriate knowledge level to assist our son to obtain a higher grade in his academic courses. Thank you!

Sandra N, Parent of Cody, Richmond, BC.

Very accommodating. They try very hard to fit the student with the proper tutor. I like how Peter will visit the house and try to get to know the student. My sons find Tutor Doctor very helpful.

Lynn M, Parent of Shawn & Jordan, Richmond, BC.

The teachers are very professional and they are always willing to accommodate any change in schedules we may have. Also Peter has been very pro active in getting us a tutor who is best suited to my daughter.

Judy J, Parent of Caitlin, South Surrey, BC.

We love Jake,a real great fit for our son. Jake is always on time, very keen and very organized. I really feel our son is benefiting from the tutoring we receive from the Tutor Doctor.

Kelly W, Parent of Carson, North Delta, BC.

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